HipVap Technologies


Hipvap™ is an early stage company focused on commercializing novel heat transfer and steam generation technologies, methods and configurations used in Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) and Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) projects.

Our current focus is the final stage pilot testing of our Indirect Fired Steam Generator (IFSG) using produced water from a SAGD facility in Alberta.


Heavy oil production using either EOR or SAGD typically requires large quantities of water for the generation of hot water or high pressure steam. Fresh water withdrawn from rivers or streams is preferred because it requires a minimal amount of treatment. Recycling of produced water offers a more sustainable approach to sourcing water. However, produced water must be extensively treated before it can be used in conventional hot water and steam generation technologies. Current treatment processes are expensive, complicated, often consume large amounts of energy, and generate their own waste.

In addition to the challenges and costs with existing methods and practices, there continues to be growing expectations from environmental groups, governmental agencies and communities on industry to conserve water resources and minimize discharge.

Hipvap’s™ heat transfer technology generates hot water or steam using produced water directly and eliminates extensive water treatment. This greatly simplifies surface facilities. This simplification will improve overall plant reliability, reduce costs, and generate less non-recoverable waste.


Hipvap™’s technologies consist of both patent pending process patents and equipment patents. Indirect Fired Steam Generation (IFSG) replaces both WLS/IX/OTSG and MVC/IWT in a single unit process. In the IFSG, produced water is heated indirectly to produce steam in a novel heat exchanger equipped with active scale control. This active scale control is applied to sustain high heat transfer rates across the unique heat transfer surface configuration while generating steam from produced water.

Unlike OTSGs and IWTs, the produced water is never in contact with a direct fired heat transfer surface. The IFSG eliminates extensive water treatment, reduces overall capital cost, and improves reliability. The IFSG is readily adapted to produce hot water for EOR.

The IFSG technology is currently being pilot tested with one of the major SAGD oil producers in Alberta.